How it Works

We are Inpeople, a corporate community of active and creative people. Each of us is a personality, a creator and a free person. We set our goals and achieve them together. Each of us is open to partnership. We use forms of cooperation as a means of achieving a goal and we are not encumbered with bureaucratic routine. Unfair competition, fraud and incompetence are unacceptable for Inpeople. We work in teams, form unique competencies and expertise to solve specific problems. We achieve incredible results together.

Inpeople is a long-awaited real form of partnership where the needs and abilities of each participant become achievable and possible to put into practice. We removed barriers in the selection of labour relations, set clear expectations of working together, lifted restrictions on accounting currency, took into account the features of international labour relations; we also comply with tax legislation.

Inpeople is a modern concept of organizing living space. Our principles are the following:

  • maximum freedom to choose a sphere of activity;
  • partnership between customers and contractors;
  • any form of cooperation to achieve common goals;
  • freedom of professional self-expression;
  • compliance with the international labour law.